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IcePanel Docs

👋 First of all welcome - It's awesome to have you here!

Getting started in IcePanel is super easy and you'll become a pro and WOW your teammates in no time. 😎

IcePanel makes system design accessible to everyone in your team in just a few simple steps.

Here is a list of the basic tools and features to get you on your way to more efficient system design meetings, documentation and conversations.

Getting started

🏁 Getting started

Core features

🚂 Modelling - The structure

✏️ Diagramming - The visual representations

👥 Collaboration

🔗 Share links - Knowledge share

🖨 Export

Advanced features

Here is a list of some more advanced features that make architecture conversations a breeze!

🏷 Perspective tags

↪️ Flows

🏢 Domains

🌎 Linking to reality

🙋‍♂️ Ownership teams

Accuracy Score

📈 Recommendation score

💬 Commenting


Feeling lost?

If you're still unsure on how to do, achieve something or just have some cool ideas of additions to IcePanel, let us know at and we'll respond as soon as we can!

Feeling lost?