Only organization Admins can create, edit and delete integrations.

Link your model objects to reality, such as code repos, branches, folders and files. When those links move, change names or get deleted, we’ll notify you that the object may need to be updated in your IcePanel landscape.

Learn more here: Linking to reality

Setting up GitHub

  1. From your landscape homepage, click on the organization dropdown at the top of the navigation bar

  2. Click on the Manage link for the organization you want to setup

  3. Go to the Integrations tab

  4. Click on the New integration button and select GitHub

  5. Log in to GitHub and install IcePanel as an app (you may need a GitHub admin to approve the app installation)

  6. Select the repos or branches you wish to give access to

  7. Accept to install

  8. You should now see your code repos in the Links section of an object

Unlinking your GitHub

You can unlink the integration from IcePanel or GitHub.

  1. Log into GitHub from an account that has access to the linked repo

  2. Go to your Settings

  3. Go to the Applications tab on the left

  4. Make sure you are on the Installed GitHub Apps tab

  5. Click Configure on IcePanel in that list

  6. Click Uninstall in the Danger zone.

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