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IcePanel Glossary

Terms used in IcePanel and what they mean.

Accuracy scoreA number score added to diagrams or objects that checks if any reality links are out-of-date or inaccuracy comments have been added. See Accuracy score for more.
ActorLevel 1 in the C4 model - The end user who uses the systems.
AppLevel 2 in the C4 model - A deployable &/or runable service or client that lives within a system (a type of C4 container - not Docker).
C4 modelA simple set of hierachical abstractions and diagram types to simply communicate complex systems. Designed to be accessible to technical and non-technical people. See The C4 Model - Brief intro for more.
ComponentLevel 3 of the C4 model - The building blocks/modules that make up the container.
Diagram flowA sequence of events flowing through an existing diagram - you can have multiple on 1 diagram. See Flows for more.
DomainLevel 0 for the C4 model - An optional way to split up your model and related diagrams into logical groupings, whilst keeping the benefits of a single shared model. See Domains for more.
LandscapeA landscape is a shared model and set of diagrams containing internal and external objects at varying levels of detail in your organization. See Landscapes explained for more.
Landscape recommendationsA score to help polish your documentation and make them more easily understandable to your readers. See Recommendation score for more..
ModelThe shared library of model objects, connections and meta data used to draw references from in the diagrams.
Model objectsThe actors, systems, apps, stores and components used to describe how your system design works.
OrganizationThe owning group of everything you create in IcePanel including users, landscapes, models, model objects, diagrams.
Ownership teamGroups of users within your organization that can be assigned ownership of model objects. See Ownership teams for more..
Share linkAuto updated URL share links of your design. See Share links for more.
StoreLevel 2 in the C4 model - A deployable &/or runable database or store that lives within a system (a type of C4 container - not Docker).
SystemLevel 1 in the C4 model - The highest level of abstraction in the C4 model that delivers value to end users. Often owned by a development team.
Tag groupA group of metadata tags used to highlight different perspectives within the diagrams. See Perspective tags for more.
TagsA metadata tag that can be added to objects and used to visulise diagrams dynamically and filter the model with. See Perspective tags for more.
TourA walkthrough of diagrams to showcase you designs. See Tours for more.
VersionA frozen past version or current latest editable design of your landacape. See Versioning for more.