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Recommendation Score

What is the Recommendation Score?

Something that seems straight forward to you and some of your peers, isn't always obvious to everyone else - especially new onboarding teammates. This then leads to endless meetings and questions that require expensive context switching or just wastes time. The IcePanel Recommendation Score is our way to help push people to name, describe and improve their diagrams, documentation and flows, so that anyone can pick it up and understand easier.

The Recommendation Score takes in 3 things:

  1. Naming of your model objects, diagrams and flows - What is it?
  2. Descriptions of your model objects, diagrams and flow steps - Take the guess work out by giving everything a brief description to better explain why it exists and what it is showing.
  3. Open questions - Answer and resolve all questions to help out your teammates and keep your docs up-to-date!

Improving your Recommendation Score

How to get 100% on your Recommendation Score:

  • Name all model objects, diagrams and flows with an easy to understand name that isn't the generic given name by us.
  • Describe every model object - When everything is described, others can jump in and understand your diagrams and documentation much easier, get up to speed quicker and waste less time on basic understanding. Keep descriptions simple and digestible; it may seem simple and straightforward to you, but others may not be working on the system to this level all the time. Their understanding is key to your collaboration and will mean you can discuss the things that matter quicker - Your customers problems and solutions to those.
  • Answer and resolve all open questions so that everyone get's the answers they were waiting for and add things to the diagrams or docs where it makes sense!