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What is a Domain?

A Domain is an optional way to split up your model and related diagrams into logical groupings, whilst keeping the benefits of a single shared model. Domains are optional parent objects for systems (and the system's child objects), actors and areas.

The Domain name will be displayed on the object when used in the scope of another domain, making sure that it is clear that it's from another area of your shared model.

When to use Domains

The power of a landscape comes with the shared model, diagrams that can be drawn from the model and can push updates across the whole landscape quickly. Because of this we recommend staying in 1 landscape as much as you can.

There are, however, a few common reasons this becomes hard to manage, for example:

  1. Large and/or complex architecture
  2. Many diagrams at all levels

The temptation is to separate out into a new landscape to reduce the clutter of many objects and diagrams, however, this separates the model and means you have maintenance overhead when changes are related to separate landscapes. We recommend using Domains to split out the logical groupings instead, re-use objects in other Domain scopes and continue using the power of modelling, with the benefits of a cleaner separation.

How to create a Domain

Domains are enabled for Growth and Enterprise teams.

To create a new domain:

  1. Go to the landscape dashboard screen
  2. Click the New domain button located near the top
  3. Name your new Domain

Creating a domain to manage large models

Creating a domain to manage large models

How to delete a Domain

⚠️ Warning: Doing this will delete everything from the selected Domain, including model objects, diagrams and flows. This cannot be undone without a version revert.

To delete a domain:

  1. Go to the landscape dashboard screen
  2. Select the domain you wish to delete
  3. Click the X button next to the name
  4. You will be shown a menu that explains what will be removed
  5. Make sure you understand what will be deleted when you confirm this
  6. Click Delete

Deleting an unwanted domain

Deleting an unwanted domain

How to move model objects to another Domain

Model objects can be moved across domains, but still be referenced in other domains. You can move:

  • Systems (including child objects)
  • Actors
  • Areas

To move an object to another domain:

  • Select the object you wish to move
  • Go to the settings cog located to the right of the object name
  • See the "Object belong inside" line item
  • Select Move
  • Select the new Domain you wish to move the item to
  • Confirm

This action will automatically update any relevant diagrams and flows to represent the changes you just made.

Moving a system to another domain

Moving a system to another domain