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Comments can be used as a way to add conversation to your diagrams and track threads of conversation in the context they are discussiong. All people in your organization can leave, view and resolve comments to add to the discussion.

Share link viewers are unable to view comments and are only visible by organization members.

The comment types

In IcePanel you have 3 different comment types that all behave in different ways. Each of these comments can be used as a thread to discuss a particular topic, posed in different ways.

Comment types

Comment types

Question comment type

Questions should be used when you are unsure on part of the documentation/diagram, you want to know how something works or if something is unclear.

Questions are added to the reccomendations tab to be resolved by your teammates.

Inaccurate comment type

Inaccurate comments should be used when something in the diagram or documentation is untrue or inaccurate.

Each inaccurate comment reduces the Trust Score of the landscape, and resolving them will reset this reduction. Resolve all inaccurate comments to have the highest Trust Score.

Idea comment type

Idea comments are for thoughts that either do not need to be in the diagram/object descriptions or are more working/temporary ideas that you want to let others aware of e.g. if changes are upcoming that you are experimenting with currently.

Idea comments not affect any of your scores and cannot be resolved, but can be deleted.

Adding comments

Comments can be added to any diagram and by all organization user role access types. Share link readers are unable to add comments, but can see comments left by others.

  1. Click the comment icon top left in an IcePanel landscape
  2. Click "Add comment" to place a new comment on a diagram
  3. Select the type of comment you would like to add (Question, Inaccurate, Idea)
  4. Type in your comment
  5. Mention someone you want to action or take note of a comment using "@"
  6. Each comment type button differs
    • Question type = "Ask question"
    • Inaccurate type = "Mark as inaccurate"
    • Idea type = "Add idea"

Adding comments in a diagram

Adding comments in a diagram

Resolving comments

Question and inaccurate comments can be resolved to remove them from the diagram they're in and also reduce the effect they have on the recommendation score and Trust Score.

  1. Go to the comment that you want to resolve
  2. Click the "Resolved ◻" check box
  3. This comment will be removed from the diagram

Once resolved, comments can still be accessed from the comments drop down within the resolved comments.

  1. Click the comment icon top left in an IcePanel landscape
  2. Click the "All comments" tab
  3. Go to the "Resolved comments" section to view all resolved comments
  4. Click on a comment to read the thread and unresolve the comment to place back where it was before resolving (if the location still exists)

Resolving comments in a diagram

Resolving comments in a diagram